Organized Chaos

IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0276

At first glance, you may feel an overwhelming urge to respond with terror, shock, anxiety, disgust, horror (and these pictures don’t even cover what’s left). All the time wondering “why on Earth would Carey post such awful pictures on what is supposed to be a positive blog”? Well, the simple answer is, my husband and I are taking our life back! For the past 6 years, we have been plagued by clutter, garbage….stuff. With over 80 boxes, plus loose items of odds and ends, we are going through all of it and sorting it into categorized piles (Kitchen, Home Decor, Garage, Holiday/Seasonal, Misc, Books, DVDs/CDs, Goodwill, Trash, & eBay). Once we have sorted through everything, as we put the items into new boxes & containers, we will conduct a 2nd evaluation – will we need this? will we use this? – and that will determine whether they make it into the designated box or should be put in the Goodwill, Trash or eBay pile. As we pack the items into their new boxes, we will create a detailed packing list, noting what items are in each box. In just one day, we have sorted through 80% of our storage, have 5 large bags of trash and found items to sell and I must say……………it feels GREAT! I can hardly wait to show you the “after” pictures!

As the Native American proverb states,
“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart”

Love yourself enough to let ‘things’ go,


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