No More Stones.


Today at work we helped a Mini Schnauzer named Zelda.  Her owners noticed that she was having difficulty urinating & that it was also very bloody.  After taking xrays yesterday we confirmed that she has bladder stones…or rather 1 large stone.  So today we took her into surgery & removed it.  The first photo is of the doctor suturing her bladder after the stone was removed.  (The bladder is in the center of the photo…the rest of the stuff around it is only gauze squares).  The second photo is the actual stone.  It was about the size of a quarter.  These stones are made of different minerals.  In order to find out what it is composed of we send it off to a lab which will analyze it.  After we get the report back we determine which diet we will change our patient to (since most of these are preventable with special diets).

& of course the last photo is sweet Zelda who has been an awesome little patient.  She already seems to be feeling better & is on her way to making a speedy recovery.

This is just another day at work for me…but I thought maybe others would be interested to know what kinds of things we do day to day…& the little faces of those we’ve helped.



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