Our Many Lives.

ImageWhile reading a book review, I came across a quote the author said in an interview…”In our lives, we’re many people.”  & while it seems so simple, it’s filled with so much truth.  (Isn’t that the way most of the greatest truths are, complete simplicity?)  I don’t know why that thought struck me as hard as it did…but I love it.

For some reason I’ve always had this fear of aging…the idea that as you get older, age becomes the ultimate undoing of our selves.  People tend to let their physical selves deteriorate…their minds become blank & robotic…their dreams (if not accomplished by a certain time) fade away into the past that is always made into something sweeter & easier than it was…& for those whose dreams did come to pass, they become bored & unfulfilled as if there is nothing else to accomplish or strive for.  Then there are the successive sacrifices which lead to excuses, which lead to resentment & anger towards someone or something…

There has to be more to life than constant disappointment & loss.  & there is.  I realize it’s all about what you make of it…& the effort you put into it.  Taking control & learning to accept the things you cannot change.  To learn not to be afraid to let things & people go…as easily as it is to let them in.  To trust life even when it throws the worst at you…to know in your heart that this is your chance to become better.  To learn.  To grow. The choice is yours.

The truth is, all along we have all the power we need to take control, & the free will to choose to become someone better than we were.  The notion that just because you have never been a certain type of person, or able to do the types of things that this person does…doesn’t mean you never will, or don’t have the right to do so.  Remind yourself that we have all started at the same place…with the same knowledge & skills.  There was a time that the greatest artist or scientist knew nothing of their skill until they nutured & developed it.  Surround yourself with all that inspires you.

As long as you are true to yourself, you will find your way.  Who cares if anyone thinks you are ridiculous…or seem unrealistic in chasing what you’ve always dreamed you’d become.  The ridiculous are the ones that judge & never have the gumption to chase their own life.  Without the constant evolution into all of these “many people”, life would have no thrill or adventure to it.

Here’s to the adventure of it all, to meeting our many selves along the road, & to becoming even greater than the last.



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