Words of Encouragement

In a world full of computer anonymity, I have found myself reading endless hurtful, negative and abusive comments to various articles on the internet. It seems that the world has lost all sense of manners, respect and humanity towards one another because it’s so easy to be so hurtful when you cannot see the person you are insulting. I have made a resolution to stop reading responses to articles that I read – because it only gets me frustrated and offended at how awful people can be and quite honestly, my faith in human kind has diminished dramatically.

As it would happen, I came across this article today on Yahoo! about an anonymous person who responded to painfully intimate messages on a bathroom wall and I must say, it was heart-warming, touching and renewed me with a sense of hope. It’s nice to know good, kind people still do exist…

Bathroom Messages
For the full article, go to: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/anonymous-encouraging-message-posted-university-restroom-172524530.html

Happy Friday, Everyone!


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