With boxes strewn about the place (we are in the process of minimizing and re-organizing), our cats have found themselves a tempting playground – many places to hide, jump into and even knock things over. This is why they are named after two fiery red-heads in the comic book world “Rogue” and “Ivy” (after Poison Ivy). Days like this remind me of when I first met them – tiny, fragile, hungry, innocent and barely 24 hours old; they were abandoned by their mother under the home of one of our clients when I worked at the vet clinic. Mind you, neither my husband or I have ever owned cats nor ever been “cat people”. Yet these itty-bitty helpless creatures came into our lives – and here we are – 3 years later – still trying to decide if we were saints or insane 🙂 I do miss the days when they weren’t able to get into trouble….nevertheless, we love them just the same.   (Carey)

Baby Rogue & Ivy

Newborn Rogue & Ivy – complete with umbilical cords


Ivy – 2012


Rogue – 2012


4 responses to “Memories…

  1. You are right about Chris not being a cat person! When he was one or two years old, I bought this beautiful, white Persian cat. Wayne wasn’t happy about how much I spent, but I had to have that cat. Unfortunately, Chris didn’t like ‘Alexander’, and found every way possible to annoy that cat. Chris was, after all, just a baby, and the cat found equal ways to annoy Chris – hiding under the tablecloth, and swiping at Chris as he walked past – probably in revenge for Chris trapping him under the big rocker, and not letting him out. They were definitely not a good match, and Alexander finally annoyed me enough (silently bounding from the floor, to the chair, to the bed side table, to my head – one too many times, in the still of the night) – that I sold him back to the pet store – paying them to take him back. That Alexander – he was an expensive cat, in the end. : ). And Chris was glad to have
    him gone.

  2. I’ll have to see if I can find some pics, and scan. He really was a beautiful cat. Thinking back, Chris must have actually been two, because it was just before we moved into Westlake Village in Palm Harbor. Anyway, funny memories. : )

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