Today’s Lesson…

…is in KINDNESS.

Humans seriously boggle my mind…there are some things none of us will EVER understand about people that do shitty things.  While I only lost minor things today…my purse, wallet, debit & credit cards & a camera…I’m annoyed & pissed at the inconvenience I’ve had to go thru this afternoon…hours on the phone, the money I have to spend to repair my window & to replace the things stolen, the hours I lost at work…  I have been handling it all in a calm, level-headed manner…because what’s done is done.  

The whole situation reminds me of something I read…about when bad things happen to people that don’t necessarily deserve them (& of course, this is minor compared to what others have been thru)…that shitty situations allow for others to step into the light & shine, to be the best they can be & help when they normally wouldn’t.  Shitty things happen in order to give others a chance to step up & be helpful…& kind.

 & with that said, I’m thankful to all that helped me today.  




One response to “Today’s Lesson…

  1. Oh, Amber. I am so so sorry. I wish there was something I could do. I really hate when bad things happen to awesome people like you. I hope they catch the scum that did this.

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